One year ago today, Cordale Handy was killed by the Saint Paul Police Department while experiencing a mental health emergency. Four months ago, it was announced that the officers who killed him would not be charged.

The Saint Paul Police Department continues to be the deadliest police force in the state of MN.

Please join Cordale’s family tomorrow night for a vigil on the East Side at 6 PM.

Then on Saturday in Roseville for a Memorial Banquet, also at 6 PM.

Due to Use of Force policies for forces across the state, we are seeing a rise in the shootings of people in a mental health crisis/medical emergency. We cannot allow this to become the New Normal.


MARCH 15TH, 2018

On March 15th, 2017, Cordale Quinn Handy was suffering through a mental health crisis/medical emergency.

The Saint Paul Police Department was called multiple times and it was clear and evident from video that Cordale needed help and deescalation tactics should have been implemented.

In December of 2017, it was announced that SPPD Officers Mikko Norman and Nathaniel Younce would not be charged. However, in April (of 2017), Cordale’s mother Kimberly Handy-Jones filed a federal lawsuit against the two due to him being shot unjustly. The family’s attorney Andrew Stroth believes that based on eyewitness accounts and other relevant information, it is their perspective that Cordale Handy did not present a threat and was unjustifiably shot by Minnesota’s deadliest police force: the Saint Paul Police Department. A third officer’s identity was hidden from the public for quite some time but we have been informed that his name is Jordan Wild, and he was one of the two officers who killed Phumee Lee in October of last year, also on the East Side of St. Paul.

It is important to recall an incident in June of 2015, where a white man named James Frei pulled a handgun on St. Paul Police Department officer Michael Tschida and pointed it in his face attempting to steal a wireless speaker. He made it out of the store and led police on a chase through Midway. He was ultimately apprehended without injury.

It is also important to recall other incidents where people needed help and instead ended up getting shot. Also in St. Paul, Phil Quinn needed help but was shot and killed instead. In Columbia Heights, Michael Kirvelay was suffering through a medical emergency and his family even told police not to enter their place of business but they did anyway and shot and killed him. In Burnsville, Map Kong needed help but ultimately law enforcement decided shooting him was the best way to not disturb pending rush hour traffic. In Crystal, Khaleel Thompson was shot more than 12 times while in a park with an airsoft gun; police had been informed of his mental state and still decided shooting him was the only option. Recently, inside of City Hall, Downtown Minneapolis, 18-year old Marcus Fischer was alone in an interrogation room when he began “harming himself”. When police were alerted, they entered the room and ultimately decided to shoot him. Even more recently, in Maple Grove, DeWayne Burlingham was suffering through a suicidal episode with a knife to his own throat and law enforcement’s decision was to shoot him.

Implicit racial bias and the heinous mishandling of incidents involving people in crisis are wreaking havoc on people in the state of Minnesota. Use of Force policies basically force officers into shooting people in crisis, under the guise of “public safety”.

Cordale’s mother, Kimberly has worked tirelessly for change since her son was killed and has made frequent trips up to Minnesota from Illinois to do so.

Please join Justice 4 Cordale Handy, Black Lives Matter Minnesota, The New North, Communities United Against Police Brutality, Black Saint Paul, Fight For Justice, Justice4PhumeeLee, Justice4MarcusGolden, The Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar, The Independent Gubernatorial Candidate, Black Lives Matter Twin Cities and more tomorrow night (Friday, March 16th) at 6 PM for a Memorial/Vigil for Cordale.
Event Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/182004425746022/

Then, join us the following day (on Saturday, March 17th) at the Radisson Hotel in Roseville (2540 Cleveland Avenue N., Roseville, MN 55113) for a banquet to remember Cordale. Kimberly Handy-Jones will be joined by other mothers who have lost their children, community activists, and more.
Event Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/361430471025694/

Press Contact: Corydon Nilsson (612) 440-8195

Please help one of our organizers and his family!!

Hey y’all,

Many of you know one of our founding members JT (John Thompson). About a week ago, his wife and daughter were in an accident. They are OK but their car is not. They are a family with 3 children and need to get another car ASAP.

John has put in so much of his own time for free on behalf of the community, and his wife has stepped up and taken on more to allow him to do the great work that he does. So if you are able to help them out; we would appreciate it and we know the Thompson family would as well. Lets get them back on their feet and show them what community is about!

Here is a link to donate: PayPal.Me/Johnlee2013

Thank you and take care.27545366_537699493267875_6446022291969372036_n.jpg
(Photo Credit: Thaiphy Phan-Quang/#SuperBowl Anti-Racist & Anti-Corporate Rally in MPLS, MN, February 4th, 2018)

FRIDAY: Press Conference & Pressure Application Session #Justice4MarcusFischer

As many of you know, #MarcusFischer was in an interrogation room inside City Hall (MPLS). It was reported that he started self-harming, so officers decided the best way “to save his life” (as they put it) was to unleash a hail of bullets at him.

After being shot multiple times, he was rushed to the hospital. When he was at HCMC; his family had difficulty seeing him. He was then transferred to the jail a little while ago, despite still needing to recover from surgery.

We have watched our family with the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar demand answers and humane treatment. We stand solidly in full solidarity their demands.

Friday, we will join our affiliates: Black Lives Matter Minnesota, the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar, and more. We thank the TC Coalition for Justice for their dedicated work on this thus far. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that we need to come together as organizations and fight as one in order to have any chance at making change.

Tune in at 11 AM on Friday for a press conference followed by a pressure application session. Thanks.


Remembering: Marcus Golden

Three years ago yesterday (1/14/15), SPPD officers Jeremy Doverspike and Dan Peck killed Marcus Golden, a 24-year old who had been struggling with suicide and depression after his brother Scott committed suicide.

Marcus Golden’s family never received justice but his name will never be forgotten. Please keep Marcus’ family in your hearts during this difficult time of year. No mother should have to bury her children; let alone two of them.

Erica, we love you & will always be here for you if you need us. #MarcusGoldenMatters


As you may have heard, no charges were filed against SPPD officers Mikko Norman and Nathaniel Younce for killing of #CordaleHandy.

Please join us at 2 PM this Sunday (12/17) as we join Black Lives Matter MN and Cordale Handy’s family, who are making the trip up North from Illinois for this.

Eastside Enterprise Center804 Margaret St., St. Paul, MN 55106



Earlier today, we joined Justice for Justine Damond Ruszczyk, Communities United Against Police Brutality, Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar, Black Lives Matter MN, CAIR-MN, and Take a Knee Nation at a press conference in a unified front to demand answers as to why County Attorney Mike Freeman is taking so long to come to a decision to charge MPD officer Mohamed Noor.

The BCA completed it’s investigation on September 12, 2017 and handed it over to Mike Freeman’s office. When Justine was killed, we heard calls from the Mayor and the Chief to expedite the process. Nearly half a year later, that urgency has vanished into thin air like the smokescreen that it was.

Mike Freeman took about half as much time to decide what to do in the #JamarClark case. And in Ramsey County, his counterpart, John Choi took 49 days to decide he would bring charges against Jeronimo Yanez, who discharged his firearm 7 times at point blank range during a traffic stop; killing #PhilandoCastile and nearly striking the 4 year old girl in the back seat.

For nearly half a year, we have requested that the decision come well before the holiday season. That request seems to have been ignored. And Freeman continues to say he will make the announcement at the end of the year.

We expect manslaughter charges, and systemic reformation of the justice system that allows cops to murder citizens with zero consequences. Anything less is outright disrespectful and indicative that the whole damn system is truly guilty. We hope you make the right choice, Mr. Freeman.


Help w/ Phumee Lee’s Funeral Expenses

25313022_1510502674.8182The SPPD killed a man allegedly involved in a domestic dispute when they found him walking away from them. 28 year old Phumee Lee was shot multiple times and then had a dog sicced on him; where his neck was ripped viciously.

Police claimed they provided medical attention as soon as possible but we have heard otherwise.

Minnesota is not a death penalty state; therefore cops should not be allowed to play “judge, jury, and executioner” in the streets. Phumee Lee will never get his day in court or see due process play out because police killed him.

His family needs help covering funeral expenses. Please help if you are able.

Nekima Levy-Pounds for MPLS


We will generally stay away from endorsing political candidates, as it is our job to hold their feet to the fire and keep them accountable.

With that being said, every so often, a once-in-a-lifetime type of candidate will emerge as a ray of hope, and that candidate is Nekima Levy-Pounds.

For as long as we have known her, her integrity, her exceptionalism, her professionalism, and the quality of her work have been in a class of their own. She isn’t just book smart, she isn’t just street smart; SHE GETS “IT”. And that cannot be said of any of the other candidates.

The New North proudly endorses Rev. Nekima Levy-Pounds for Mayor of Minneapolis.

We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift in the Twin Cities. Enough is enough and the time is NOW. #Nekima4Mayor

Update on Khaleel Thompson’s Case

Screenshot (186)

As we suspected would be the case, the county attorney declined to charge any of the officers who shot Khaleel Thompson; he had an airsoft gun and was going through an episode by himself in a park early in the morning, posing no threat (to anyone but himself). Police knew he was struggling. Yet when they arrived; they unleashed a hail of bullets at the young man, striking him more than 12 times.

They should’ve handled it so differently. But these are already things we know and knew. It’s miraculous that Khaleel lived to be honest. And it’s beyond miraculous that last we had heard, he was making a strong recovery.

We knew there would be no charges, but it still hurts. It still shows what a disproportionate amount of power the police have. If you didn’t realize it yet, we live in Police State USA.

Here is the dashcam footage:
TW: Over the top, Police Violence

It’s time to implement safety net solutions for those of us who are afflicted so that when 911 is called, they don’t arrive and get upset that we can’t comply, because sometimes, we literally cannot comply. But they don’t get that. They will try to get the job done in any way they can. That is why this needs to be fixed. Trained professionals MUST arrive in tandem to mental health emergencies such as this. We have a long way to go in MN.

#Justice4Khaleel #MentalHealthMatters #BlackLivesMatter

Lauren Southern at West Bank Auditorium (U of MN) #ShutItDown

lauren_southern.jpgThe New North stands in solidarity with the University of Minnesota’s students, Anti-Fascists, Communities of Color, All Refugee communities of MN, and all who denounce racism and oppose Eric Kahler’s decision to give Canadian White Nationalist, Lauren Southern a platform to spew her shortsighted, racist, and xenophobic bigotry.

By allowing her to have a platform on the University of Minnesota’s campus, he has openly invited White Supremacist groups into Minneapolis. The utter disregard for the safety of students and people of color is downright despicable. It appears that White Supremacist hate group “Identity Evropa” dropped a banner in Eden Prairie earlier this week in preparation for her arrival.

We condemn the decision to allow her a platform to preach hate under the guise of “Free Speech” as it is reckless and foolish. We stand 100% in solidarity with those protesting her and her pseudo-values tonight. The Alt-Right wants to create an “alternative world” where facts do not matter. They aim for a world where in the not so distant future, Adolf Hitler is on the European bank notes as a “hero and a great European leader, not some weirdo that is in his own category.” They have said war is inevitable and millions of people will be expelled from their homes and millions of lives will absolutely be lost. Is that the kind of movement you want to prop up, Mr. Kahler? We certainly hope not.

We also encourage protesters to take the proper precautions to keep themselves safe tonight. We have been told that local White Supremacists will be in attendance or in close proximity and they are likely to attempt to doxx protesters. Stand up to bigotry and be safe.