#JimCrowNorth vs. #NewNorth


For generations, Minnesotans have called themselves “MN nice”. And depending on who you ask, you’re bound to get a bunch of different descriptions on what MN Nice is to them.

If you ask yt folks, they’ll say it’s that Minnesotans are more polite, have better manners, etc.. If you as non-white folks; we’ll say MN Nice just means Minnesotans hide their racism so it’s sneakier and harder to call out.

People don’t typically think of MN as a racist state. But they’re wrong. Been wrong. It is. Our racial disparities are consistently among the worst in the country while conversely providing one of the best places for white folks. Socially, once you leave the MPLS/STP “Safety Zone”… You gotta go on Amber alert or higher at all times.

I don’t have all the answers. But I know the people we need answers from don’t either. So lets put our ten toes down and knock out White Supremacy.

We’ve done a lot but there’s still much more to do. But we will turn the #JimCrowNorth to the #NewNorth.


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