The New North Mission Statement:

The New North is a St. Paul, grassroots watchdog organization formed to hold police accountable with a specific focus on helping victims of police violence who are afflicted by mental illnesses/disorders/syndromes/disabilities down the path of healing from pain and to recovery from grief.
Our organization is also focused on two forms of crisis response.

1. To arrive on scene when police pull over a driver, film to keep them safe.

2. To arrive on scene at the same time as, not working with, police arrive to a mental health crisis with a team (2 or more) of experts in deescalation with the mentally ill, as well as experience handling those suffering through episodic attacks to prevent law enforcement from making it worse.

People who live with mental illnesses/disorders/disabilities are killed and mistreated by law enforcement at the highest rate. In Minnesota, a disproportionate amount of the people have had their lives stolen by Minnesota law enforcement officials. Enough is enough. It’s time for a New North.

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