The F*ckery Continues…


As the jury deliberates the charges in the #YanezTrial, we wait.
I want y’all to know a few things that haven’t really been publicized.
One of the jurors that made it to jury selection was related to Officer Yanez. How she made it that far into the process is super sus… Another juror works in the SAME building as Yanez’s wife Lyndsay. But they claim they do not know each other. And then ANOTHER juror lied on her Voir Dire (the pre-trial jury questionnaire to check for neutrality and to vet jurors for bias) after we discovered very pro-police posts, anti-BLM and anti-Kaepernick posts on her social media accounts. Her excuse was that she had no recollection of making those posts… (Watch ytness work…*pukes*).

We must continue to pray that the jurors do the right thing and send all the positive energy and strength to the Castile family during this stressful time.


The #NewNorth is here.

Black. Lives. Matter.

2 Replies to “The F*ckery Continues…”

  1. No recollection of posts regarding BLM and Colin Kaepernick? Oh please. The people who dislike/hate BLM and Kaepernick do so with a vengeance. Yes, f*ckery indeed.

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