Love to Momma Castile and the Castile family


We send all our love, strength, and support to Momma Valerie, Uncle Clarence, our sister Allyzsa and the rest of the Castile family during this period of immense injustice.

Once again, the “justice” system has failed the Black community. There isn’t even a drop of justice in this verdict. Yanez murdered Philando and walks away a free man. He recklessly put the lives of Diamond and Dae-Anna at risk by firing rounds in their direction, one bullet headed towards Diamond was stopped by the center counsel and another bullet was just 16″ from Dae-Anna in the backseat.

For the jury to find Jeronimo Yanez “Not Guilty” on all counts is pure bullshit.

For folks looking to gather together, a collection of groups have organized a gathering at the Capitol at 7. If you plan to attend, please be safe. Thanks.


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