Update on Khaleel


I am honored to share some AMAZING news with y’all.
From about a week ago to today, he has not shown no signs of schizophrenia and there is a chance through this HORRIFIC incident that he may not have those symptoms ever again (Not to dampen anyone’s spirit but as someone very knowledgeable in this area, I emphasize the word “chance”). But nonetheless, this is nothing short of miraculous.

Khaleel is now allowing pre-approved visitors, but not everyone because he is still in recovery, so please message us or contact Corydon and we can connect you to the appropriate people. We need to make sure Khaleel is 100% OK with all visitors. No exceptions. I will be heading out to visit him and I know he loves Pure Leaf Extra Sweet Tea (JUST LIKE ME!!) and Chocolate Chip cookies.

Khaleel has recovered as much as possible. He has been smiling, laughing, eating a lot more. He is still fighting but things are looking up. He it talking and jokes around. He can play his guitar. He can sing. He CAN DO HAND STANDS. He’s even gone outside to eat. He has memory loss and doesn’t really remember what happened or much before that. But he is aware of his situation.

Currently, his mental health is stable. Obviously, he still needs to be monitored and will ALWAYS have brain damage. But the most important thing is that he is alive and well.

Thank you to EVERYONE who sent good vibes/positive energy, prayed, etc… Thank you. His recovery is truly extraordinary. We love you, Khaleel. And we send our love to his family and friends too. Aviance, we love you. Naomi, we love you. Tommy, Bella, Justin, we love y’all too!


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