Asian father of 5, killed by SPPD

Last night around 6 PM in St. Paul’s Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood, officers from the SPPD were called to a “domestic dispute”. Upon arrival, Phumee Lee tried to flee but police chased him down and fired 5-9 shots. Lee was struck and died at the scene. No officers were injured or hurt.

Last night, Sgt. Mike Ernster spoke at the press conference and said a “gun was recovered on scene” but it is our understanding that the gun was not on the individual but in the house.

Our hearts break for his children and all who are affected by this. We need an alternative option than 911. Because cops in MN are continuously playing Judge, Jury, and Executioner in a No-Death Penalty State.

We fully expect the body cam footage be released to the public in the spirit of transparency and building community relations. This officer involved shooting reminds many of us of what MPD did when they planted a gun on Fong Lee.

We need answers.


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