Lauren Southern at West Bank Auditorium (U of MN) #ShutItDown

lauren_southern.jpgThe New North stands in solidarity with the University of Minnesota’s students, Anti-Fascists, Communities of Color, All Refugee communities of MN, and all who denounce racism and oppose Eric Kahler’s decision to give Canadian White Nationalist, Lauren Southern a platform to spew her shortsighted, racist, and xenophobic bigotry.

By allowing her to have a platform on the University of Minnesota’s campus, he has openly invited White Supremacist groups into Minneapolis. The utter disregard for the safety of students and people of color is downright despicable. It appears that White Supremacist hate group “Identity Evropa” dropped a banner in Eden Prairie earlier this week in preparation for her arrival.

We condemn the decision to allow her a platform to preach hate under the guise of “Free Speech” as it is reckless and foolish. We stand 100% in solidarity with those protesting her and her pseudo-values tonight. The Alt-Right wants to create an “alternative world” where facts do not matter. They aim for a world where in the not so distant future, Adolf Hitler is on the European bank notes as a “hero and a great European leader, not some weirdo that is in his own category.” They have said war is inevitable and millions of people will be expelled from their homes and millions of lives will absolutely be lost. Is that the kind of movement you want to prop up, Mr. Kahler? We certainly hope not.

We also encourage protesters to take the proper precautions to keep themselves safe tonight. We have been told that local White Supremacists will be in attendance or in close proximity and they are likely to attempt to doxx protesters. Stand up to bigotry and be safe.

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