Update on Khaleel Thompson’s Case

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As we suspected would be the case, the county attorney declined to charge any of the officers who shot Khaleel Thompson; he had an airsoft gun and was going through an episode by himself in a park early in the morning, posing no threat (to anyone but himself). Police knew he was struggling. Yet when they arrived; they unleashed a hail of bullets at the young man, striking him more than 12 times.

They should’ve handled it so differently. But these are already things we know and knew. It’s miraculous that Khaleel lived to be honest. And it’s beyond miraculous that last we had heard, he was making a strong recovery.

We knew there would be no charges, but it still hurts. It still shows what a disproportionate amount of power the police have. If you didn’t realize it yet, we live in Police State USA.

Here is the dashcam footage:
TW: Over the top, Police Violence

It’s time to implement safety net solutions for those of us who are afflicted so that when 911 is called, they don’t arrive and get upset that we can’t comply, because sometimes, we literally cannot comply. But they don’t get that. They will try to get the job done in any way they can. That is why this needs to be fixed. Trained professionals MUST arrive in tandem to mental health emergencies such as this. We have a long way to go in MN.

#Justice4Khaleel #MentalHealthMatters #BlackLivesMatter

2 Replies to “Update on Khaleel Thompson’s Case”

  1. I’m khakhaleel’s mom and I cannot watch the hateful act these monsters and have to my son and try to convince the community that he’s ok. He’s not. Given the chance they’d do it again. They want to convince you that he’s ok, he’s alive, he’s fine. He is not. He probably will never be again. I was not even given the chance to make a press statement after this decision but I will because it’s not over. I said I wouldn’t stop fighting for my son and I won’t because it’s not over and the chief of police will be the first to answer. I’m not in this alone and they should know that. I have family, friends, and entire community with me so if it’s going to take war for justice I’m leaving it.
    Naomi Thompson

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