FRIDAY: Press Conference & Pressure Application Session #Justice4MarcusFischer

As many of you know, #MarcusFischer was in an interrogation room inside City Hall (MPLS). It was reported that he started self-harming, so officers decided the best way “to save his life” (as they put it) was to unleash a hail of bullets at him.

After being shot multiple times, he was rushed to the hospital. When he was at HCMC; his family had difficulty seeing him. He was then transferred to the jail a little while ago, despite still needing to recover from surgery.

We have watched our family with the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar demand answers and humane treatment. We stand solidly in full solidarity their demands.

Friday, we will join our affiliates: Black Lives Matter Minnesota, the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar, and more. We thank the TC Coalition for Justice for their dedicated work on this thus far. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that we need to come together as organizations and fight as one in order to have any chance at making change.

Tune in at 11 AM on Friday for a press conference followed by a pressure application session. Thanks.


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