Noor Charged w/ Murder and Manslaughter: “We’ll have what they’re getting….”

This is a brief except from our statement at last night’s event for Justine.

“Personally, I was relieved when I saw the charges. ‘About damn time…’ I thought. But then immediately went on to feel overwhelmingly saddened and conflicted.

Conflicted because Phil Quinn’s family called 911 for help once too. And now Phil is gone. And those cops walked.

Conflicted because 911 was called on Map “Ricky” Kong for a welfare check. Now Ricky’s gone too, shot in the back as he ran for his life. And those cops were not charged.

Conflicted because Cordale Handy’s girlfriend called 911 to tell them what was going on with Cordale. Begged them not to shoot him. And they showed up and shot him anyway. Cordale is dead and the three officers involved were not charged with anything.

Conflicted because Philando Castile wasn’t bothering anyone when he was racially profiled and pulled over to be ultimately shot to death, the entire incident was caught on tape like a modern day snuff film. And still with all that evidence; Officer Yanez walked.

Make no mistake, we are all one family. And could not be happier to see the charges brought against Officer Noor in the fight for justice for Justine. Intersectionality between groups is what makes the world go ‘round.

But to say we don’t see the inequity from the system when it comes to who gets charged and who doesn’t….well…come on, now.

Officer Yanez was charged in Philando Castile’s case but was found Not Guilty on all charges. Some said back then that the Thin Blue Line had no problem throwing a Latino cop under the bus to protect the gang-like culture of policing.

Now Officer Noor has also been charged and some are saying that the Thin Blue Line definitely has no problem letting a Somali cop take the fall to protect the Thin Blue Code of Silence.

There are many layers to dissect here. But two things we know for sure are:

1) “We’ll have what they’re getting…”
–Signed “The Police Accountability Activist Community”


2) Justice for Justine. Thank you.”

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