Love to Momma Castile and the Castile family


We send all our love, strength, and support to Momma Valerie, Uncle Clarence, our sister Allyzsa and the rest of the Castile family during this period of immense injustice.

Once again, the “justice” system has failed the Black community. There isn’t even a drop of justice in this verdict. Yanez murdered Philando and walks away a free man. He recklessly put the lives of Diamond and Dae-Anna at risk by firing rounds in their direction, one bullet headed towards Diamond was stopped by the center counsel and another bullet was just 16″ from Dae-Anna in the backseat.

For the jury to find Jeronimo Yanez “Not Guilty” on all counts is pure bullshit.

For folks looking to gather together, a collection of groups have organized a gathering at the Capitol at 7. If you plan to attend, please be safe. Thanks.


Update on Khaleel


We have some AMAZING news to share with y’all. Khaleel is trache free and is SMILING and TALKING. We are told his team is phenomenal and he likes them. Which is crucial towards recovery.

Khaleel’s recover has been nothing short of miraculous. His sister is also doing well after she was in the hospital earlier this week.

Please continue to pray/send good vibes and energy his and his family’s way. Peace. Love. & happiness to y’all.

#Justice4Khaleel #BlackMentalHealthMatters

Update on Khaleel

I have been informed that Khaleel has had the tube taken out of his throat and he is able to talk!! Hopefully he will be leaving the hospital soon.

The F*ckery Continues…


As the jury deliberates the charges in the #YanezTrial, we wait.
I want y’all to know a few things that haven’t really been publicized.
One of the jurors that made it to jury selection was related to Officer Yanez. How she made it that far into the process is super sus… Another juror works in the SAME building as Yanez’s wife Lyndsay. But they claim they do not know each other. And then ANOTHER juror lied on her Voir Dire (the pre-trial jury questionnaire to check for neutrality and to vet jurors for bias) after we discovered very pro-police posts, anti-BLM and anti-Kaepernick posts on her social media accounts. Her excuse was that she had no recollection of making those posts… (Watch ytness work…*pukes*).

We must continue to pray that the jurors do the right thing and send all the positive energy and strength to the Castile family during this stressful time.


The #NewNorth is here.

Black. Lives. Matter.

Please pray for Khaleel’s family

I have been informed that Khaleel’s sister has suffered a medical emergency and is at the hospital.

Please pray, send good vibes/positive energy, etc…. for her, for Khaleel, and for their mother who is dealing with more than anyone should have to.
Naomi, we got your back. Aviance, we love you. Khaleel, we continue to pray for your recovery.

Update on Khaleel

Khaleel is being transferred out of ICU and into a rehabilitation facility!! This is nothing short of a miracle. What a warrior… Please continue to pray, send good vibes, strength, love and positive energy his way!!



Screenshot (41).png

In the early hours of March 15th, 2017 on the Eastside of STP, Cordale Handy was suffering through an episodic attack. SPPD arrived on the scene and fired multiple shots at him, ultimately killing him.

From what we know, from talking to residents in the apartment building and witnesses who saw it happen, there was a domestic dispute going on. Not an assault. Cordale was suffering a possible paranoid schizophrenic attack or having adverse effects from a medication he had been given.

Cordale’s family has not been given the time of day by the chief or the mayor of STP. We had to demand a community forum when they tried to hold a sham one. But the wool has been lifted. We will not be fooled.

While we pray for #KhaleelThompson to pull through after the firing squad-esque style shooting the Crystal PD pulled, we hope the stars align and the universe gives #PhilandoCastile and his family justice. But we have not forgotten about #CordaleHandy.

The Saint Paul Police Department continues to be the deadliest police force in the entire state of MN. And IMO, the sneakiest. Axtell, your PR swag doesn’t fool me.

There are many irons in the fire…but we’re on them on. No more business as usual. Enough is enough. It’s time for a #NewNorth.


Update on Khaleel


I have some amazing news. Khaleel is doing SO MUCH BETTER. It will still take a miracle recovery… BUT HE IS WALKING. His tongue is no longer swollen. Khaleel has won the first battle in the long road to recovery. Thank you to everyone who continues to support.

It is entirely possible that he will be discharged to a rehabilitation facility next week or the end of the week.

Stay positive. Keep supporting. His family and friends are grateful for the support they have received. But you know what they say… “it takes a village.”


Update on Khaleel

Good morning y’all,

Yesterday, they took the staples/stitches out of his head. He was able to sit in a chair AND walk to the bathroom. He is able to communicate as well.

His family, friends and loved ones would like me to relay their gratitude for the overwhelming amount of support that has poured in. Keep sending good vibes and positive energy. Keep praying. Keep wishing for Khaleel and his family to find the strength they need to pull through.

I am tentatively supposed to make a visit to the hospital later so I will keep you update if that happens.