Update on Khaleel


I have some amazing news. Khaleel is doing SO MUCH BETTER. It will still take a miracle recovery… BUT HE IS WALKING. His tongue is no longer swollen. Khaleel has won the first battle in the long road to recovery. Thank you to everyone who continues to support.

It is entirely possible that he will be discharged to a rehabilitation facility next week or the end of the week.

Stay positive. Keep supporting. His family and friends are grateful for the support they have received. But you know what they say… “it takes a village.”


Update on Khaleel

Good morning y’all,

Yesterday, they took the staples/stitches out of his head. He was able to sit in a chair AND walk to the bathroom. He is able to communicate as well.

His family, friends and loved ones would like me to relay their gratitude for the overwhelming amount of support that has poured in. Keep sending good vibes and positive energy. Keep praying. Keep wishing for Khaleel and his family to find the strength they need to pull through.

I am tentatively supposed to make a visit to the hospital later so I will keep you update if that happens.


Update on Khaleel

We have been informed that the swelling in his tongue is down 5x!! And he is able to sit up in a chair!!

This is all so very miraculous considering the amount of rounds police fired at him; striking him multiple times in the brain, spine and abdomen.

#Justice4Khaleel ✊🏽

Update on Khaleel


Good Morning y’all…

Khaleel’s tracheotomy was a success. His care team said he is doing well and just relaxing.

Please continue to pray and send strength and positive energy his way.




The New North Mission Statement:

The New North is a St. Paul, grassroots watchdog organization formed to hold police accountable with a specific focus on helping victims of police violence who are afflicted by mental illnesses/disorders/syndromes/disabilities down the path of healing from pain and to recovery from grief.
Our organization is also focused on two forms of crisis response.

1. To arrive on scene when police pull over a driver, film to keep them safe.

2. To arrive on scene at the same time as, not working with, police arrive to a mental health crisis with a team (2 or more) of experts in deescalation with the mentally ill, as well as experience handling those suffering through episodic attacks to prevent law enforcement from making it worse.

People who live with mental illnesses/disorders/disabilities are killed and mistreated by law enforcement at the highest rate. In Minnesota, a disproportionate amount of the people have had their lives stolen by Minnesota law enforcement officials. Enough is enough. It’s time for a New North.

Update on #KhaleelThompson


Good Morning y’all!

I have been informed that Khaleel tried getting up and out of bed, which is good news because that means his body is functioning as it should. But also, wasn’t good because he needs to stay calm and sedated while he recovers from this brutal attack by Crystal PD.

He will undergo tracheotomy to remove the tube due to extreme swelling in his tongue.

Sending you all the love and strength in the world, bro. You and I… we are not too different. I can’t wait to meet you when you get outta there.

Mental Illness/Disorders are not a crime!!

#Justice4Khaleel #EnoughIsEnough #BlackLivesMatter #BlackMentalHealthMatters

#JimCrowNorth vs. #NewNorth


For generations, Minnesotans have called themselves “MN nice”. And depending on who you ask, you’re bound to get a bunch of different descriptions on what MN Nice is to them.

If you ask yt folks, they’ll say it’s that Minnesotans are more polite, have better manners, etc.. If you as non-white folks; we’ll say MN Nice just means Minnesotans hide their racism so it’s sneakier and harder to call out.

People don’t typically think of MN as a racist state. But they’re wrong. Been wrong. It is. Our racial disparities are consistently among the worst in the country while conversely providing one of the best places for white folks. Socially, once you leave the MPLS/STP “Safety Zone”… You gotta go on Amber alert or higher at all times.

I don’t have all the answers. But I know the people we need answers from don’t either. So lets put our ten toes down and knock out White Supremacy.

We’ve done a lot but there’s still much more to do. But we will turn the #JimCrowNorth to the #NewNorth.