Support the New North

nasa-earth-imageWe are a grassroots group of unpaid volunteers; aiming for a New North based on these four pillars:

    1. #BlackLivesMatter – We have a special kind of racism here in MN – “The Jim Crow North”. All lives will matter when Black lives are included in the definition of “all”. Until then, we stand in solidarity with our BLM siblings across the nation and around the world.
    2. #KillWhiteSupremacy – This country was founded on stolen labor and on stolen land. The reason White Supremacy has been able to thrive this long is because it is constantly morphing and evolving to keep the power dynamics or variations of them the way they are and always have been; in the hands of a few elite white men. White Supremacy is not just the KKK, Neo-Nazis, pointy white hats, swastikas, burning torches anymore. It’s tricky and changes its face. We aim to destroy all systems that use Whiteness to criminally deny marginalized groups equity and equality.
    3. #PoliceAccountability – Police across the nation have been militarized to levels unseen before in recorded history. If you haven’t realized it yet; we live in #PoliceStateUSA2017. There is no longer a balance of power; it is all tilted in Law Enforcement’s favor. Massive reforms need to take place; if not complete abolishment altogether.
    4. #MentalIllness – From the highest functioning people with mental illness(es)/disorder(s)/condition(s) to the lowest; we must take better care of our community members who are afflicted. Episodes don’t discriminate and can attack any of us at any time. We need to set up proactive safety net solutions so people experiencing a mental health emergency or an episodic bout of self-harm or suicide don’t have to call 911 for help. In MN, around half of the people killed by police were experiencing a mental health crisis. It is our opinion is that they did not have to die. Cops aren’t equipped to deescalate mental health emergencies. That has been proven to be fatally true.

This is our vision for a New North.
For those looking to support us; every dollar helps!! We still haven’t raised enough for our registration fee. All donors will receive a complimentary #NewNorth #StillZeroDays #MakeRacistsAfraidAgain wristband!$NewNorthxo


Thank you in advance. Together, we can create a New North for all of us.

Peace. Love. Strength. And Power to the People.
-Corydon Nilsson (Founder)